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Sunday School - 9:45 am

Morning Worship - Sun. 11:00 am

Evening Service - Sun. 6:00 pm

   Interactive Bible study with opportunities for discussion, warm fellowship, and a time to pick your favorite hymns. If your church doesn't have an evening service, why not come and enjoy the blessings at Grace?

Midweek Service - Wed. 7:00 pm

A timely Bible study with practical application. Join us as we uphold one another, our community and our nation in prayer!

Home Bible Study - (Various Times)

Have a personalized "Won-by-One" Discipleship Study in your own home or meet with others in "Christianity 101." Here's your opportunity to ask questions, share in the discussion, and find in-depth answers from the Word of God. Open to anyone in the community. Call (352) 445-9013 for details, times, and location.