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Original watercolor paintings

     The beauty around us is no accident! It comes from the hand of our loving Creator, who Himself is the Master Artist. Working with fresh arrangements and from photographs my husband and I have taken, I have tried to capture in detail the warmth and beauty of some of God's flowers, preserving them in watercolor paintings which will brighten your home or work place year in and year out.

   While living in Nova Scotia, I came to appreciate its unique maritime beauty. The peaceful scenes which take you back in time are a result of man's attempts to harvest the bounteous sea from his perch along the rocky coastline, etched out by the hand of God. It is my hope to share this beauty with you, as well, in my landscape paintings.

     I paint in my spare time, finding respite from the demands of being a pastor's wife. Using my "cyberspace gallery," I hope to make original watercolor paintings available to people who previously may have only considered owning prints. I hope you will enjoy your tour through Hae Ja's Gallery!

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